Friday, February 04, 2005

Why do I never write about Cricket?

Good question actually. I noticed that the little line near the top of this page indicates that I expected to talk about cricket once in a while when I started this blog. Yet, the while has now stretched over a year and I have NEVER written anything that directly relates to cricket. Some lines about Sachin sending Pak Players on a leather hunt in forthcoming series is about all I have to show for my cricket love.

So, coming back to the question. Why DO I never write about cricket? Honestly, I am not quite sure myself. Probably because I am no longer as much cricket-obsessed as I used to be, say, 2 years ago. Which is probably more because of Sachin's decline than my coming to US. Don't get me wrong. I still visit cricinfo and keep an eye on most current international scorecards. But you probably won't catch me doing what I used to call "stats research" any more. Heck, I don't even know the exact number of runs Sachin has scored in either tests or LOIs! (To compare, two years ago I probably would have told you his exact stats - batting and bowling AND fielding - even in first class cricket and List-A limited overs matches.)

Anyway, as I said before, this doesnt mean that I dont follow cricket anymore. Or that it doesnt contribute much to my daily dose of websurfing. Or that I don't give it any thought at all. But for some reason I just didnt get down to post my thoughts. But when Mathur was talking to me about our respective preference list of international teams earlier today, I realized that this is purrrfect matter for posting. Now, as I normally try my best not to allow any part of my brain to contribute anything to what I say or think while talking to Mathur, I don't know if I'd stand by this list on any other day when I am using some part of my infamously vast reasoning powers. So, as of now I won't try and look into WHY my list looked as it did. This is how it looked, in case you are wondering...

8) New Zealand - "we use our grounds for golf on match eves."
7) South Africa- "we are so formal, we can't leave without a tie no matter what's at stake"
6) Sri Lanka- ok.. this is it.. can't think of anything to write about them... giving up at this stage... just the names now.. :)
5) West Indies
4) England
3) Pakistan
2) Australia
1) India

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