Saturday, July 31, 2004

happy birthday 2.....

I know I know... his birthdays are seldom happy. But I can always wish, can't I? so, here goes...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday too yoou
happy birthday dear Harry, happy birthday toooooo yoooooou..
May the Dark Lord bless... oops!!! %$&%*^%#
core dumped

phew! That's it! I'm through with wishing Rowling's children (and she already has about 2 + j1000 of them, no less!)

no need to put that "HA HA! How very funny you are Rahul!" in the comments. I know I am not. I know I am not trying to be. In case you forgot, I have my qualifier on tuesday. Five professors will find a lot to laugh at sometime after 2 pm that day. Believe me, I'll try my best not to be funny even then, but something tells me they're going to laugh nevertheless.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Happy Birthday!!!

To the other candidate!! :p

I had never thought that one day I'll start wishing fictional characters on their birthday!! But then, a major exam does funny things to people. Something we used to call "mid/end sem effect" back in IIT... :) People used to do all sort of weird stuff in the hostel mess.. the 10pm "cheap chai" (cheap tea for my non-existent non-hindi visitors) used to bring the worst out of everyone.. PJs galore, cacophony at its worst... Ah! it used to be such fun! sigh! 

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Petals around the rose

I know there is probably no one who visits my blog and doesn't visit vivek's. Still. In case you are one such person then have a look at this post. Its about a game/puzzle. Nice one really.

warning: please don't post the solution - which I am sure you reached in record time - in comments or anywhere else for that matter. 

junta ki demand par....

actually only on Amit Gupta's demand, I am back.. :) there have been a few others who had demanded earlier but it has been so long that everyone seems to have given up on me and assumed that I am through with blogging. And they weren't very wrong. I don't think I would've come back had Amit not posted that last comment to my previous post. That showed me that people are still hopeful and I just couldn't bring myself to disappoint him. :)

Anyway, this post is just to announce that I am back.. It will probably take me some time to get my rhythm back (a la sehwag in that SL match)  because I have my qualifier on August 3 and I realized only today how close that date is. Have browsed more than 400 pages since the realization dawned on me. Problem is, even this speed is probably an order of magnitude too small for me to cover all the absolutely important stuff. Needless to say that I am not even thinking about going through more than 20-30% of it... I just hope it doesn't show in the exam although I'm afraid that that might prove too much to hope.... (which reminds me that my orkut fortune today said "don't wish extravagantly and your wishes will be fulfilled"... I think I just saw a Grim!!! :( )

Should probably go back to my book. or maybe I should wait till "Jana Gana Mana" ends... did I ever tell you people that ARR is God?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Half blood prince!!

I haven't posted anything for ages. Not even movies update!! And yet, I couldn't stop myself (not that there was any reason to do that!! ) from posting this. For those few souls who haven't heard this yet (AND who happen to visit this page), the 6th HP book is going to be called "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". Rowling declared this on her official site (which, by the way, is one of the best websites I've seen.. especially for any HP fan).

Go and visit the site. spend some time on it and I bet you'll find a lot of trivia that you didn't know before.