Sunday, March 12, 2006

What the hell do you mean "They chased 434 down"??????

Someone please poke me or something.. Wake me up...

They made 434??????? AND THEY LOST?????????????


How does one get his mind around this???

Friday, March 10, 2006

And just when I thought things couldn't get worse....

They did not. They actually got better. Much better.

The post-42-hour-wakefulness sleep was interrupted by a call from India bringing the news that my sister is now the proud mom of a baby boy!! YAAYYYYY!!!!!

How time flies!! Has it been years when we used to fight like eternal enemies over things ranging from melody chocolate candies to the role of religion in life? I guess we'll just have to keep ourselves to the topics like religion henceforth. A new generation is already here to take care of the melody chocolate candies.

Congratulatory mails are coveted. Don't forget to include your favorite boy names in the mail!! I assure you that every good suggestion will become part of the pool which would be used to select the name. :)

And before I forget.... YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! :P

*off to tell everyone who'd want to hear... sleep be damned!*

Morose Musings

Awake for almost 40 hours, dead tired by a whirlwind visit to NYC which included about 4-5 hours of walking/standing and not too happy about many thing in life. In short, absolutely the worst time to post something online... and yet... and yet...

I remember making a post on my last year's birthday about no one coming to wish me. Was that a cry for attention? Didn't really do much good, if that was the hidden motivation behind it... Then again, why would one post about his mental state unless it is just an attention seeking device... In case that is the motivation behind this post, I know it is quite a stupid thing to do as there are much better/much more convenient/much less in-your-face ways of doing that.. and yet.. and yet...

One of the key statements on which most of my life has been based, is - "But why should I do it?". When everyone seemed to spend time in playing/having fun, I loved solving puzzles/reading encyclopedias.. because "because everyone else does is" was no reason in favor of doing anything.. In fact, and this is probably the unfortunate part, it seemed to always become a reason in itself arguing against that thing... When others say that looks/physique/hygiene are extremely important and I should take care of them more, then that itself becomes the reason not to do it... Because, after all, I know I am good... I know I am a nice person who has possibly never intentionally done harm to anyone in anyway.. why should then these minor things matter? Its stupid, I know... and yet, somewhere inside, it seems right... it seems the only thing to do...

25 years, and I have psychologically kept ahead of these things... Fortunately, I have always been able to find people around me, who tended to see the inherent goodness and at least pretended that it was worth bearing the other things that even according to them were probably shortcomings.. Now, however that luck seems to have run dry. I'm confused... I have no idea what to do.... For the first time the mind is screaming that maybe things have been horribly wrong all this while.... Maybe things that seemed to be more important aren't really that important... For the first time, I can't see any reason to feel good about myself... For the first time I can see that people really do believe that these shortcomings are more than enough to compensate for any good things that might be lurking inside me.. and for the first time these people have begun to matter a lot...

Result... the lowest self esteem I have ever had.. and a confused state of mind that can't seem to be able to shut itself down even after 40 hours of non-sleep....

So why am I writing all this? Maybe I'm just drunk on lack of sleep... or Maybe I really am realizing some things that I should've learnt long ago... in other words, maybe I'm finally doing the growing up that a friend of mine keeps saying I desperately need to do... or, hopefully, its nothing that profound and maybe I'm just a little lonely and need someone to put in a few good words about me in my ears to help the self esteem thing (an SOS has been sent to Raja, and he will probably show up for a day in Rochester to take care of the situation.. :) ).

Anyway, enough cribbing about personal life... I hope my future posts will be more about general interest...

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash!


The Sun can now go ahead and not rise tomorrow...... :P

My review of Crash is here... and the reason I am so happy is this!

Oscars 2006

Seems nowadays I can't seem to get myself to post anything unless something of astronomical importance happens (like my b'day and... er.. oscars). Anyway, now that most of my not-so-loyal readers have deserted this sinking ship, I can continue with a slightly more relaxed mind to do what I have always done... discuss movies!! :)

The Oscars 2006 are about to be announced in a couple of hours. And even the worst critics of oscars among us can't probably grumble about the nominations this year. I can't think of any nomination this year which would be a ridiculous winner if it wins the award which goes to show how good most of these movies and performances are. Overall there haven't been too many great movies this year, but for some reason there were enough that were good enough to be considered oscar-worthy and, incredibly, the Academy decided to include only these movies in the nominations.

That none of them will be a ridiculous winner does not mean that there aren't some clear favorites. That only means that some of them were completely awesome and the only reason the others will lose to them will be that they are up against these awesome performances. Any other year, and most of these others might've won an award.

So, before they start, here are the predictions.....

Best Movie: Brokeback Mountain (maybe.. just maybe.. they'll award it to Crash... and maybe, just maybe the Sun won't rise tomorrow).

Best Director: Ang Lee (what if they decide to give it to George Clooney? I'll be HAPPY, that's what!)

Best Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman (ok.... there's no what if, no maybe here.. Joaquin Phoenix can fall asleep at Kodak Theatre if he wants to....)

Best Actress: Felicity Huffman (but Reese Withespoon is well within the picture too... others can excuse themselves, thank you very much.. )

Best Supporting Actor: no idea... will stick my neck out for Jake Gyllenhall just because he's in Brokeback... (But I'll be ecstactic if Paul Giamatti gets it.... or Matt Dillon, simply because he's in Crash... NOT William Hurt.... NOT William Hurt! Clooney? well, no idea.. havent seen Syriana yet...)

Best Supporting Actress: hmmm... no idea again... one of the two awards that are absolutely impossible to predict... probably Rachel Weisz.... then again, there's not ONE nominee there who deserves to lose...

Original Screenplay: CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH!!! Havent seen Syriana, but any of the others can win too and it won't be too bad.. just that Crash should get SOMETHING, shouldn't it??

Adapted Screenplay: Brokeback Mountain will take it probably... But should go to The Constant Gardener, if you ask me.

Best Cinematography: Good Night and Good Luck deserves it (havent seen Memoirs of a Geisha and The New World though.. ), then again this is probably Brokeback Mountain's year... so...

See you after the ceremony!!