Friday, March 10, 2006

And just when I thought things couldn't get worse....

They did not. They actually got better. Much better.

The post-42-hour-wakefulness sleep was interrupted by a call from India bringing the news that my sister is now the proud mom of a baby boy!! YAAYYYYY!!!!!

How time flies!! Has it been years when we used to fight like eternal enemies over things ranging from melody chocolate candies to the role of religion in life? I guess we'll just have to keep ourselves to the topics like religion henceforth. A new generation is already here to take care of the melody chocolate candies.

Congratulatory mails are coveted. Don't forget to include your favorite boy names in the mail!! I assure you that every good suggestion will become part of the pool which would be used to select the name. :)

And before I forget.... YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! :P

*off to tell everyone who'd want to hear... sleep be damned!*

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