Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscars 2006

Seems nowadays I can't seem to get myself to post anything unless something of astronomical importance happens (like my b'day and... er.. oscars). Anyway, now that most of my not-so-loyal readers have deserted this sinking ship, I can continue with a slightly more relaxed mind to do what I have always done... discuss movies!! :)

The Oscars 2006 are about to be announced in a couple of hours. And even the worst critics of oscars among us can't probably grumble about the nominations this year. I can't think of any nomination this year which would be a ridiculous winner if it wins the award which goes to show how good most of these movies and performances are. Overall there haven't been too many great movies this year, but for some reason there were enough that were good enough to be considered oscar-worthy and, incredibly, the Academy decided to include only these movies in the nominations.

That none of them will be a ridiculous winner does not mean that there aren't some clear favorites. That only means that some of them were completely awesome and the only reason the others will lose to them will be that they are up against these awesome performances. Any other year, and most of these others might've won an award.

So, before they start, here are the predictions.....

Best Movie: Brokeback Mountain (maybe.. just maybe.. they'll award it to Crash... and maybe, just maybe the Sun won't rise tomorrow).

Best Director: Ang Lee (what if they decide to give it to George Clooney? I'll be HAPPY, that's what!)

Best Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman (ok.... there's no what if, no maybe here.. Joaquin Phoenix can fall asleep at Kodak Theatre if he wants to....)

Best Actress: Felicity Huffman (but Reese Withespoon is well within the picture too... others can excuse themselves, thank you very much.. )

Best Supporting Actor: no idea... will stick my neck out for Jake Gyllenhall just because he's in Brokeback... (But I'll be ecstactic if Paul Giamatti gets it.... or Matt Dillon, simply because he's in Crash... NOT William Hurt.... NOT William Hurt! Clooney? well, no idea.. havent seen Syriana yet...)

Best Supporting Actress: hmmm... no idea again... one of the two awards that are absolutely impossible to predict... probably Rachel Weisz.... then again, there's not ONE nominee there who deserves to lose...

Original Screenplay: CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH!!! Havent seen Syriana, but any of the others can win too and it won't be too bad.. just that Crash should get SOMETHING, shouldn't it??

Adapted Screenplay: Brokeback Mountain will take it probably... But should go to The Constant Gardener, if you ask me.

Best Cinematography: Good Night and Good Luck deserves it (havent seen Memoirs of a Geisha and The New World though.. ), then again this is probably Brokeback Mountain's year... so...

See you after the ceremony!!

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