Saturday, July 31, 2004

happy birthday 2.....

I know I know... his birthdays are seldom happy. But I can always wish, can't I? so, here goes...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday too yoou
happy birthday dear Harry, happy birthday toooooo yoooooou..
May the Dark Lord bless... oops!!! %$&%*^%#
core dumped

phew! That's it! I'm through with wishing Rowling's children (and she already has about 2 + j1000 of them, no less!)

no need to put that "HA HA! How very funny you are Rahul!" in the comments. I know I am not. I know I am not trying to be. In case you forgot, I have my qualifier on tuesday. Five professors will find a lot to laugh at sometime after 2 pm that day. Believe me, I'll try my best not to be funny even then, but something tells me they're going to laugh nevertheless.

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