Monday, August 02, 2004

You will die!

That's one of the taglines they are using in the promos of "Vaastu Shaastra". Actually it is "This September you will die!" but that would make it less representative of my state right now. To me it reads more like "This August 3 you will die!". and if you notice the time of posting, its not far away.

Anyway, I was talking about "Vaastu Shaastra". I have seen only one trailer and for some reason I've got a feeling that it is inspired by "The Shining" - that great Kubrick movie. The same concept of a writer living in a secluded large home with his wife and child and the house being haunted. In fact there are some scenes in the trailer that seem lifted from The Shining. If it is half as good as that one, it should be worth watching. But I don't like the idea of RGV producing an "inspired" movie. Then again, he has already announced his intention of making "Sarkaar", a remake of The Godfather. So, why not The Shining too?

Thats it... if you don't see another posting in next two days, you can stop coming to this blog altogether. It won't be updated again. Unless they have internet in hell...

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