Wednesday, August 18, 2004

RSC and its lingo

RSC here stands for I used to be quite an avid reader of RSC (not a poster though) some time back. Then last season ended and I sort of moved away from usenet. Now, with new season around the corner (I don't consider any tournament in SL as part of apna season, specially if India doesn't perform well there ;) ) and with my qualifier over and my movie watching form still far from its best I have enough time to start browsing through RSC posts again. I don't expect many of my friends to be lukkha enough to know much about RSC postings, so I decided to make a posting about it, specifically about some interesting terms/acronyms coined by RSC junta. In no particlar order, here are some of them..

WAB: Weak Attack Bully : depending on which team you support and which batsman you hate, this can be used for any batsman who has been having a good run with bat lately. Currently it is used for Kallis a lot. Sachin has been called that in past by quite a few (some do that even now).

SOB: Second only to Bradman : started with Sachin and that oft-quoted Bradman statement. Has since become a joke of sorts. People now use "second only to" quite generously, almost always sarcastically. for example parthiv is SOG (Gilchrist), Flintoff is SOB (Botham), Agarkar is SOK (Kapil), Sehwag is SOS (Sachin) or SOG (Gavaskar), Sachin is SOW (Warne). You get the picture.

ODO: One Day International : I don't know how it began but it seems no one uses ODI or LOI on RSC.

FTB: Flat Track Bully : similar to the first one. has been used for Sachin most often. Specially when he was hitting ODO centuries in every other match in the subcontinent/sharjah.

Yuseless Singh: Yuvraj, who else? : This one had me LMAO. I guess it was coined by someone when Yuvraj was spending a nightmarish summer in England playing for Yorkshire.

Merrily-throwin': Muralidharan : Another spark of creativity from a fellow RSCian. Doesn't mean that I share his opinon of Murali. But one has to give it to this person. Merrily-throwin'!!!:)

Stuart Law: a pretty long standing joke. mostly used whenever someone asks about people's favorite cricketer or the best batsman in the world or something.

Aag! Fire!: Agarkar related : in a lot of variations. I remember seeing a lot of "AAAAAG!! AAAG!! FIRE FIRE!!" on RSC when he took 6 wickets in the adelaide test. Firekar is a common term too.

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