Thursday, August 05, 2004

Amon Goeth Must Not Be Named!!

My blog is changing into a Harry Potter fanpage. The amazing thing is that there's no real reason for that to happen now. I mean the sixth book is still too far in the future to be a cause for excitement. And I haven't read any of the first five recently. And its not that I liked the third movie so much that my anticipation for Goblet might've increased because of it. Still, here I am, telling the world something that most people (who care about it) already know. Ralph Fiennes is all set to play Lord Voldemort in The Goblet of Fire. I am pretty happy with this news as one of my major concerns about the next movie was that they might make Voldemort into just another comic-book villain which will probably destroy my mental image of him and hence quite a bit of reading pleasure from next two books. They might still do that (and they probably will) but I think Ralph has the potential to be the sort of Voldemort that I'd like. The sending-a-chill-down-your-spine, merciless, sarcastic-to-the-core, sinister, condescending Lord of dark things. Ralph played Amon Goeth (hence the title of the post) in that stupendous piece of art by Spielberg - Schindler's List. He was absolutely brilliant! He did pretty good in The English Patient too, but its his Amon Goeth act that makes me so sure he'd be great as Lord Voldemort.

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