Wednesday, February 09, 2005

May or July??

I have one day to decide exactly when to have my india tour. Choices : April 29-June 5 and July 5-August 4.

As things stand now I am planning to fly to Delhi, stay there for 3-4 days, go to Vadinar (where my parents currently stay... its near Jamnagar) and stay there for 10-12 days, go to mumbai for 3-4 days, go back to Vadinar and then go back to Delhi 3-4 days before my return flight. Whether and when I'll have to go to my villages and meet my other relatives will totally depend on whether and when my father wants me to. Which means that I might stay in Delhi longer than just the 7-8 days I am planning as of now.

But all that comes later. First I have to decide between May and July. May is going to be very hot but the ticket is about 250 dollars cheaper than July. In May I'll have the opportunity to attend a friend's wedding (whether I'll do so or not is unclear... His will be the only familiar face there, so I'll probably have a nervous breakdown if I have to go), but my sister won't be able to spend a lot of time doing lukkhagiri with me as she has some exams in June. So... its a HUGE dilemma and I don't know how to solve it.. I guess I'll have to fall back on good ol' coin toss! :(

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