Tuesday, February 01, 2005

someone agrees with me!!

I was so disappointed when Meenaxi's soundtrack didn't get the recognition that it deserved in my opinion. The other day I was typing in my choices for the 2004 filmfare awards on filmfare.com and I realized that ALL the music category awards went to Meenaxi! Surprised because I didn't start any category thinking only about Meenaxi. I considered all the major albums that I had heard last year, and even though I am a HUGE Rahman fan, I would never have predicted that the best in all the categories would come from the same album specially considering that there were some other great albums too (Swades, Yuva, Lakshya, Rog, Paap, Musafir etc) in 2004.

So, my choices?
Best Music: Meenaxi
Best Lyrics: Do qadam aur sahi
Best Playback Singer (male): Sonu Nigam (Do qadam aur sahi)
Best Playback Singer (female): Alka Yagnik (Rang Hai)

Anyway, I have just found out that I am not alone in thinking that Meenaxi is an album for the ages. Apparently the Planetbollywood people think so too! There is a list of top 20 albums of 2004 and though I personally don't agree with such high ranking of Kisna and Raincoat, let's just forget all that and celebrate Meenaxi today.

Back to the playlist... :)

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