Sunday, February 27, 2005

Academy is all set!!

to hand out the oscars for 2004! It starts in about 2 hours so I thought a quick pre-awards post will be entirely in order.

Here are the results that will make me very happy, if they turn out to be true!

Actress-Catalina Sandino Moreno (even though Hilary Swank is most likely going to win. And she'd deserve it too. Not that I have seen Being Julia or Vera Drake, but Hilary Swank was stunning in Million Dollar Baby)
Actor-Don Cheadle
Supporting Actress-Natalie Portman (not that I am sure she deserves it. But then I have a crush on her, you can't argue with that!! :) )
Animated Feature-The Incredibles (if they don't give it to Incredibles, I'm going to curse the academy.)
Original Screenplay-Eternal Sunshine
Adapted Screenplay-Before Sunset
Cinematography-A very long engagement/House of Flying Daggers
Documentary-Born into Brothels
Short Film-Little Terrorist

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