Friday, February 18, 2005

lonely thoughts of a birthday boy...

11:00 am, Feb 17: AG calls from India to wish me. But its still 17 (even according to IST!). Turns out he thought its on Feb 17. One of my better friends forgot my birthday! :( its ok.. doesn't matter. I have wished him one day too late in the past. It happens. Forget it. Look forward to the cake-cutting ceremony at midnight!

1:30 pm, Feb 17: We have lab-lunch in Tandoor - one of the indian restaurants in Rochester. AU calls for a toast for the birthday of "the best biochemical physics TA he has ever had". That just GREAT!! I have a great lab! And a great early start to my birthday celebrations! This makes me look forward to the midnight even more!!

10:30 pm, Feb 17: The lab movie show ends and I decide that I should run so that I am at home before midnight. The phone rings 3-4 times during the movie and the caller is someone from india though I don't recognize the number. I can't hear anyone's voice though and keep wondering who is trying to wish me.

11: 30 pm, Feb 17: At home. I still have time for the midnight thing so decide to call my home to find out if they'd been trying to call me. My sis picks up and talks about all the normal stuff which we talk about everyday. After some time I tell her that I'll have to hang up in a few minutes as my friends will be coming for the birthday. And she says, "Birthday?? Oh!! aaj 18 hai kya??" and in the background my mom says "arre haan!!! aaj to birthday hoga uska!!" and comes on the phone to wish me. My mom forgot it too!!! :(

12:10 am, Feb 18: NS - the roommate - screams from downstairs, "Oye Tyaagi!!" and I realize that I had dozed off. I am thinking of going downstairs when I realize that I can't hear anyone else. He is alone. He comes upstairs to wish me. Which essentially means that no one else is going to join him. Which means that for all the birthday wishes I was going to get at home, I might as well have stayed in the lab doing some work. well... at least he remembered it. or wait, maybe others did too... maybe they'll come but Neelaabh doesn't know about it for some reason. I know, the chances were slim. But who knows....

12:30 am, Feb 18: ok, this is it... no one is coming. At least Mathur called. RV didn't though. I call my father and find out that it was he who was trying to call me earlier. At least he remembers it. Forget it... doesn't matter much. There will be wishes... though mostly by email/YM/SMS/phone.

7:25 pm, Feb 18: not too bad. even though I was right about almost no wishes-in-person, there were enough by other means (including comments on this blog! thanx Amit, Sapre and Vivek!). I still haven't heard from at least three people I'd have loved to hear from, but some other unexpected wishes should probably compensate for that. :)

Happy birthday to me!! :)

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