Tuesday, January 25, 2005

two-thirds right!!

So, the nominations are out and 67.5% of my predictions were right!!! YAY!!! :)

Some observations:

After Globes, Natalie Portman gets a shot at oscars too for Closer.

Alan Alda gets recognized for The Aviator (good for him! though I would really have liked to see Rodrigo De la Serna get a nod for The Motorcycle Diaries)

Jamie Foxx had a supporting role in Collateral??? I don't know what is a leading role then...

Extremely happy for Catalina Sandino Moreno and Kate Winslet!!! The day I saw Maria Full of Grace, I told Neelaabh that the girl in that movie definitely deserves an oscar nomination. But I didn't think it very likely as they don't normally nominate actors from foreign language movies unless the movie itself becomes an unusually big box-office success in the US or the actor in question is highly popular here.... Really, Really happy for Catalina. And what can I say about Kate Winslet. She was one of the best things about Eternal Sunshine. And that is saying A LOT as that happens to be my no. 1 movie of the year.

Clint Eastwood for Million Dollar Baby? Now where did that come from?? He probably deserves it (I wouldn't know as I haven't seen the movie) but if he doesn't, Javier Bardem and Paul Giamatti might just murder him before he gets to the red carpet. On second thoughts, Javier Bardem and Paul Giamatti might murder him regardless of how good his performance was. You don't get a chance to give great performances like they did in The Sea Inside and Sideways every day. (well.. I haven't seen The Sea Inside yet, but going by what I read in the reports, he is incredible in that role. And the trailer shows enough to help you understand what they mean.)

Both Eternal Sunshine and The Incredibles get nominated for best original screenplay!!! Now I have a problem deciding which one to root for!!! :) Eternal Sunshine is superb and The Incredibles wouldn't probably deserve it if it would win (I know it won't win though... ) but it would be great to see Pixar get some recognition outside the obvious "best animated feature" category, which is theirs to keep till eternity. :)

Nice to see personal favorites The Motorcycle Diaries and Before Sunset for adapted screenplays. Though its stretching the definition of "adapted screenplay' a bit to call Before Sunset adapted. All it is based on is the original lead characters created for the prequel Before Sunrise.

Best Foreign Picture had most of the unexpected names. Some movies which I'd have thought were obvious candidates (The Motorcycle Diaries, House of Flying Daggers) were not there.

It seems I am beginning to get a feel for what great cinematography is, even though I know practically nothing about photography. at least three out of the 5 nominations (House of Flying Daggers, A Very Long Engagement, and The Passion of the Christ) had me raving about their cinematography when I saw them. Specially HoFD and AVLE. They are two of the best looking movies I have EVER seen. Just the images are a thousand times the ticket's worth. Add some great background score, a gorgeous leading lady (Zhang Ziyi and Audrey Tautou), a cameo of Jodie Foster in AVLE, and some breathtaking choreography (action or otherwise) in HoFD and you have two of the most sensually satisfying movies one can think of.

One special mention. There is this very good movie called Mean Creek which deserves a "great acting by an ensemble of actors" nomination. Pity there is no such category. Its a movie featuring some young actors (early to late teenagers) and all of them are absolutely great.

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