Monday, January 17, 2005

Golden surprises!

Golden Globes winners have been declared! And some were real surprises! Leonardo DiCaprio took the trophy for The Aviator (superb movie, great acting but he wasn't frontrunner mainly because of other great performances in the fray). The movie itself won the best movie in drama category (ahead of widely tipped Million Dollar Baby).

But the news of the night, as far as I am concerned, is coming of age of our little Mathilda! Natalie Portman wins her first golden globe for Closer!! Here is one case of a talented teenager growing up and fulfiling the early promise shown unlike many others who end up with disappointing careers. She was sooo charming in Garden State and now a golden globe for Closer!! And lest I forget, there is a certain Revenge of the Sith about to release in a few months. What more could she ask for? An oscar maybe... :)

Natalie Portman zindabad!! :)

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