Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mean Creek

Remember I was talking about giving a "best acting by an ensemble of actors" award for Mean Creek during my Oscar nominations post? Turns out that the movie actually has won one such award. The Independent Spirit Awards have a "special distinction award" for the ensemble cast of Mean Creek.

The nomination committee says, "These young actors turned in performances so uniformly unselfish, and so intricately in tune with one another, that it became impossible to single any one of them out from their extraordinary achievement together. Their work is of such high quality that it moves beyond craft to achieve that mysterious truth and beauty that constitutes the finest acting."

And how young are these young actors? look at the pic below. courtesy Carly Schroeder (who is the only girl among the key actors of the movie and has performed absolutely superbly)

Mean Creek came out on DVD yesterday (in US). Watch it, if you haven't yet.

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