Friday, January 14, 2005

Houston, we have no problem!

The touchdown! The farthest touchdown we humans have EVER attempted has been successful!! Huygens is not only alive and screaming (in radio frequency), but it has been doing so for far longer than expected. It was expected that the batteries of Huygens would not last more than half an hour after touchdown, but it turned out that Huygens was still screaming data when Cassini had to stop listening and turn around so that we can start looking at that 5-6 hours worth of data, 2 of them post touchdown. I can hardly wait to see the first pictures!

Its a HUGE success for all the scientists, engineers and administrators involved!! Look at some of the video clips here. Most of them are press conferences etc. of ESA (European Space Agency). Very interesting! makes you feel a part of the success.

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