Thursday, March 03, 2005

How to make a FOY!

So.. What is a FOY? Read this and try to see if you can figure out by the time the story ends.

To huaa yoon ki on this tuesday we had our lab movie night. So, we were watching Satya. Close to the end of the movie, there was a scene where the subtitle didn't have the best possible translation so that most of the people actually laughed at the scene. I thought this calls for a longer translation, so I started explaining. I said, "The subtitle wasn't really good there. What he really wanted to say was..." and continued speaking for some time. Everybody was looking at me and listening attentively. I noticed that the looks on the faces of my audience (that consisted of two Americans, two Puerto Ricans, one Russian and one Chinese) were both attentive and confused. Then I looked at my advisor who was sitting right next to me. His look was more confused than attentive. In fact, I realized it was almost completely confused. Which made me slightly more attentive, which made me realize that I was actually speaking in HINDI!!!! :)

God, that was hilarious!!! And embarassing. Everybody suddenly exploded with laughter. I had no idea at what point I had switched from english to hindi without even realizing it. Then they told me that the only part they understood was "What he really wanted to say was..." :)

So, again.. what does FOY mean? "fool of yourself" of course... what else...

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