Thursday, March 10, 2005

King of all tyros

I still remember the day (and I make sure that Mathur doesn't forget it either) when I played probably my only game of cricket in my 4 year-stay at IITB. If not the only game, it was the first game there at any rate. The team was chasing a reasonably steep score and I was sent as an opener (as everyone, including myself, expected me to get out after one, maybe two, balls. So, the equation won't change much and the harm I could do to my team would be minimized). It turned out that most of my teammate went back trying to score quickly and I, for some weird reason, was still out there. Slowly, I got into my groove (the one which I have never gotten into since then... :) ) and started hitting some booming strokes. Whats more, some of those strokes were hit on Mathur's bowling who happened to be an inter-IIT team bowler. (THAT'S why I don't let him forget it!! :D ) . Anyway, we won in the end with the general opinion being that I was the man of the match (even though Abhishek Mishra - a good friend of mine - scored probably just as much as I did and was batting with me at the end) .

So, why did I suddenly come up with this story today? Because something similar (though probably on a MUCH smaller scale) happened today. People from one of the clusters here decided to go for bowling today. Now, normally I am not too much of a "playing" sort but it seemed a good idea to go with my labmates just to meet other people of the cluster. Needless to say, I had NEVER been to a bowling alley in my life before, let alone bowl myself. So, what happened? I came back with a trophy, of course! :) Our team was the best out of the six teams there. And I scored a cool 112 out of our team's winning score of about 430. :) The hand has started to ache though and I probably won't be able to type much over next few days.. :( But what the heck, I can bask in the glory for now!

King of all tyros!! :)

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