Wednesday, March 09, 2005

back to normal

spending 24 hour with a blogger-gone-cuckoo was a torture to the soul. The only respite on a no-food-no-water-no-blog-mahashivratri-day came from some good music (non-rahman for a change). RV recommended Morning Raga for the carnatic classical music lover in me. And even though one can't help but notice the pretty average sound quality (maybe its just on musicindiaonline, though I think I didn't quite like the instrumental arrangements too), some of the songs were superb. specially the one that RV had recommended (Mahaganapatim 1 - by Bombay Jayashree of Vaseegara/Zara Zara fame).

Back in India, rain gods saved Pakistan some serious 2nd-day blushes. Though, by the end of the day Veeru Dada had already done enough to make them dread day 3.

Chalo. just one century each by veeru, dravid, sachin and laxman (and maybe a fifty by saurav). main zyaada naheen maangtaa!!!

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