Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Truth!

As you already know, I decided to show Satya to my labmates in our march movie show. I was pretty apprehensive initially. I didn't know whether they'll like it or not. So I gave them three options. Satya, Iruvar and Maqbool. Told them a little about all the three movies. ZL thought Iruvar is the best option because its DVD cover picture seemed the most cheerful (AND having Aishwarya Rai on the DVD cover doesn't hurt either!). But, as expected, no consensus was reached. So, finally, I had to do what I didn't want to do. Use my discretion. And I chose Satya.

Before the movie started, I warned them about some things that they might find too unusual in the movie. For example, the more "dramatic" performances than similar movies of hollywood. Also, the song and dance sequences. What I forgot to warn them about was the length of the movie. So, the most common comment at the end of the movie was "wow! that was a pretty lengthy movie!". That can never be a good sign. So, I thought that probably I made a mistake in selecting Satya. However, since then I have heard some complements about the movie from them. So, it wasn't a bad choice after all.

My advisor thought the movie was good (and even asked me to select another indian movie when I get my turn next) and thought provoking. I prodded him by asking, "didn't you think it was too slow?". But he came up with a gem of an answer to that. He said, "It probably was. But that probably made it better. There are a lot of times when I feel that a movie might've been much better had the makers spent more time developing the plot. So, fast is not necessarily good. For example, Godfather was slower than an average movie, but it was that much better because of that." THAT made me happy. :) Then another labmate told me that initially he didn't think the movie would be as involving as it later turned out to be. So, that reassures me a little. The next movie (whenever my turn comes... in a few months) will probably be Roja or Kannathil Muthamittal. Or maybe Iruvar. Lagaan goes out the window because of the length. They'll probably kill me if I tell them that I planning to show them a nearly-four-hour movie. Maqbool will not be a good choice now that they have seen Satya. They are very similar in genre and feel.

Even on this occasion, Roja was my first choice but I couldn't find an english-subtitled DVD in time. I hope I can find it before the next turn.

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