Wednesday, November 09, 2005

spotlight phobia!

I have always been a bad stage-performer and that is true for all kinds of stages. It is probably understandable why that would manifest as a bumbling, fumbling interviewee when 5-6 strangers are sitting and looking at everything that you fail to do and listening to everything that you fail to say, but if that attack of nerves comes when the stage is actually about 10 meters from you and the person who actually is on stage is an interviewee and is not called Rahul Tyagi, I guess its fair to say that it is getting a bit too much.

A faculty candidate had his seminar today and I had some questions to ask him. And I am not dumb, even if I say so myself. Meaning that the questions I had were actually pretty relevant. The keyphrase here is "I had". They never came out. The moment I started speaking, all the cells in the nervous system froze and what finally came out of my mouth - amidst a generous deluge of "ammm.."s, "well..."s, "ahhh..."s and the like - resembled the actual question about as much as Adolf Hitler resembled the Statue of Liberty. Not much.


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