Saturday, November 12, 2005

Slashdot the Chronovore!

Ok, poor attempt at a neologism, I know.. but really, Slashdot is currently the single biggest time-eater in my life (probably surpassed by cricket as of now, but then cricket has seasons... /. doesn't). And even though I have been a more or less regular /. visitor for some years now, I *really* have discovered its comments and fora only very recently.

Now, those among you who don't care will probably.. well... not care and those who do, will probably find this a prehistoric newspiece but the real fun (and usefulness, unless you have a problem with thinking about /. in those terms) is not about reading the headlines and the articles and visiting the links given in the article itself or even about the "from the $dept department" line below the poster details (if you don't know what I mean, go to /. and see any article and the fine print two lines below the article heading), but going through the zillion comments on ANY article.

The articles that you really are interested in will probably be commented on by many people who are not only as interested as you (or more) in the same thing but have interesting views about the thing or a better insight into the matter than you do and just reading those exchanges will probably tell you some orders of magnitude more about the matter in question than the parent article itself. Even the articles not of direct interest to you have some extremely funny comments by people. You know, the ones of the "must read" variety. One can spend entire days reading these things and not be bored. (note to advisor: No, thats just a figure of speech, I DON'T spend days on it... maybe hours.. :P )

/. rocks. Really.

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