Thursday, May 05, 2005

Look Who's Back!

I am... but more importantly Harry Potter is.. The book is coming in 70 days and the movie in about 6 months. And Warner has decided to swamp us with initial publicity for the movie. The first teaser trailer will show up on Apple this weekend, and some enthusiastic fans have already got hold of a teaser to this upcoming teaser! And there is this sneak peak from a TV channel showing, among other things, Harry dancing with a properly desi-style dressed Parvati Patil. Then there are some really cool high-resolution pics that have been released. This one shows that the special effects team has worked hard, and things shouldn't be as tacky as they were in the first two movies. Then this and this show that Emma is still the best thing about these movies. VKB says she belongs to BHMB category (explaination will be available though email to anyone interested*) and I agree wholeheartedly. She is so pretty that the half-veela Fleur, who should be an order of magnitude more attractive according to the book, is about ten orders of magnitude less attractive.... Pity she is still only 15... Oh well, I guess I can wait another three years before making her pic my permanent desktop wallpaper.

For the female HP fans among you, here are the pics of Krum and Cedric. pretty good casting, I'd say.

* - conditions apply

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