Sunday, May 08, 2005

Good News, Bad News...

Good News: My sister is going to get married on June 3. My father had taken an oath that he'll definitely get her married before his current vacations are over, and it seems he has succeeded.

Good News corollary: I'll be in india VERY soon. Definitely some time this month. I still have to decide the exact date, but it should be around the 3rd week of may.

Bad News: A LOT of work to do before the conference in June, and this thing means that I now have about 3 weeks less to do that work in.

Bad News 2: This quick trip for the wedding means that all my dreams of meeting a lot of friends etc will just remain dreams. Haven't been to India since leaving for US almost 3 years ago, and now it will just have to be this quick little trip. Needless to say, the July trip is cancelled.

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