Sunday, May 22, 2005

kachhuaa chhaap...

Tortoise brand, that is.... My blog has been making slow and steady progress in recent months. From about 10 pageloads a day, it has now reached an average of 25+ with some peak days of about 50! (and one inexplicable 99... No, I didn't post any porn that day!!). Also, there was a time when my "returning visitors" rarely crossed 5, now it regularly reaches 11 or 12 in a day! So, not only are more people slingshot onto my blog by google/yahoo/blogger, more and more of them are proving to be crazy enough to come back later to check if there has been ANY improvement at all in the standard of postings here. (There has been none, in case you were wondering... and no quality-improvement is intended in near future either).

Another sign of the increasing influence my blog is having on the world at large, is that some of my postings are being linked to by people who don't know me (and hence haven't been forced by me to visit this blog!). Amit Verma (of India Uncut and cricinfo fame) one of whose posts I had linked to here, actually mentioned two of my posts on his blog. First, he found out about the Sudhir Mishra Rediff Interview from this post of mine and mentioned it here and now my review of In the Mood for Love appears on his Blog Mela that happened last week! (ok... the latter was a result of me nominating that post myself for the Mela, but lets not go into the details!)

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