Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I know my christmas gift!!!

I know that not many of my readers are big Harry Potter fans. Which means I shouldn't bore anyone with so many posts about HP. But... it also means that any news about HP that I'm giving here is not likely to be known to them already which is one strong reason in favour of making these postings.. :) so....

anyway, this is for all HP fans out there.... There is a verrry good chance that JKR is going to announce the release date of book 6 (HP and the Half Blood Prince). And what better day to do it than on christmas? So, many people believe that it would be her christmas present to her readers. Now, don't blame me if all this turns out to be wrong as neither JKR nor her publishing team have said anything of the sort. In fact, their representatives have gone so far as to say that these rumours are pure speculation. However, its not same as saying that these rumours are wrong, is it? :)

Anyway, its not as if the rumours are just plain, baseless wishful thinking. There have been several signs suggesting that book 6 should release sometime in summer 2005. (There is a case of releasing it in fall or winter to increase interest in the next movie which will release in november' 05, but summer is a much better time for readers. And even if the book release is scheduled for fall 2005, the signs for the announcement of the date are very strong right now). Some of the signs were things that JKR lets slip (willingly, I am sure) every now and then. Like her being sure that there will not be any baby-related delay in completion of book 6 and the baby being due sometime in spring 2005. Like her reading 20 chapters of the book overnight before updating her site next morning (this was sometime in october, IIRC). But all those things are still in the "speculation" zone and I probably won't have made this posting if not for the strongest sign yet which appeared today!! The welcome note on her official site has been tinkered today. It said "where I can announce I've finished book six... and no, that's not going to happen very soon." till yesterday but has been changed to "where I can announce I've finished book seven... and no, that's not going to happen very soon."!!! The least this means is that book six is no longer in the "not going to happen very soon" category. But, considering that most of us fans were already speculating about a christmas announcement this is a HUGE sign!! I only hope this doesn't turn out to be a hoax engineered by some hacker.. :(

Christmas can't come soon enough.

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