Wednesday, December 08, 2004

an aborted attempt at swades' review...

here is that aborted post.... no real reason for posting it now except that I can't make myself delete it....


ok people.. here goes.. back after more than a month, and that too without any cajoling by anybody (ok, jaanu had posted some comments regarding this, but that was some days ago.. )

Over the last month, there have been many things that almost convinced me to come out of my hibernation and make another post but I successfully resisted the urge. :) Not today though!! the last straw, so to speak, is the music release of Swades. The songs were released yesterday and I now have all of them with me. A brief first-impressions review follows along with maybe some reference of those other exciting things (or maybe I'll post about them separately.. let's see...)

Last releases of ARR were Yuva/Aayidha Ezhuthu and New. That was around 6-7 months ago and most of us Rahman fans have been waiting with bated breath for the barrage of superb music that inevitably follows such silent phases as far as rahman is concerned. During this time Choreography released with one ARR composition played by Vanessa Mae but that was about the only respite we got from the insipid non-rahman songs of last 6 months (now now.. I know thats not quite right... there were some good songs too... mostly Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy albums and one Veer-Zaara that came out last week.. but one needs to say such things to show the extent of one's devotion :)) ) . Most of our time was spent speculating which one of his soon-to-be-released albums will come first. Kisna, Swades, Netaji and Rivermoon were all probable candidates but Swades beat the others to it. The downside is that it came out too close to Veer-Zaara which is obviously destined to be a blockbuster because the Yash-Chopra publicity machine will not stop at anything less than that. Even mediocre songs from that stable seem to do pretty well, and Veer-Zaara seems to be pretty good. Still, I was hopeful that Swades would be publicized well enough for the music to catch on. Alas! it doesnt look like happening. The promos were extremely dull. Lacked even a hint of the sheen that one associates with an A-class movie. I guess that might be because they wanted to get the rustic look. Still, Lagaan also had that rustic look and its promos were as exciting as they get. The only good thing about Swades promos was the music and the credits. But I don't think that goes too far in creating a buzz, at least in the early stages. So, all this means is that quite a few people might miss out on enjoying Swades' music which is really unfortunate because it really doesn't deserve this. Its pretty good actually, and I haven't even listened to all the songs enough times yet!!!


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