Wednesday, December 08, 2004

back after ages!!!

i have no idea how long I'll be able to continue it this time. But lets see... I intend to do regular posts now.. maybe shorter in length than earlier... maybe they'll be more about personal issues than general posts like earlier.. I don't know.. lets see...

right now I am listening to Kisna's songs... the music released just two days ago and I have listened to most of the songs 3-4 times and the first impression is "its good but nothing great. not a patch on Taal". maybe it will grow after a few more hearings.. There are some really good songs but there are one or two pretty ordinary songs that pull the album down. Needless to say, these ordinary songs are Darbar's. :) anyway, his "Woh Kisna Hai" and "Kaahe Ujaadi Meri Neend" are very good. and "Chilman Uthhegi Naheen" and "Aham Brahmaasmi" aren't bad either. So its not as if Darbar did poorly and ARR did great. its just some of Darbar's situational songs that are simply too ordinary.

anyway, I should post this one now. Otherwise it might end up as my last attempt at getting back to blogging. I had decided to write a review of Swades but was just able to write a brief introduction. Never got down to complete that review. I guess I'll post that incomplete review/introduction too after this.

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