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My favorite songs of 2009 : Part 4 (no. 6 to 11)

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Again, all six of these songs are at 6. Posting here in alphabetical order.

Genda Phool from Delhi-6. Such a nice little song! Everything about this song works, the singing, the "aye hay hay" chorus going in the background, even the call to pigeons at the beginning (that's what it is, isn't it?), the fusion between folk singing and modern-ish instruments/arrangements. AND the video. As I said, Rekha Bhardwaj elevates most songs that she sings. Great song from an album full of great songs.

Go Charlie Go from Kaminey. I didn't realize how good this instrumental track is till I saw it being used in the movie. It adds so much to that perfectly shot "Go Charlie Go" sequence. If you have seen the movie, you know what I mean. Perhaps the memory of Charlie hurtling through the corridors gives me such a rush whenever I hear this track.

Kaminey from Kaminey. "जिसका भी चेहरा छीला, अन्दर से और निकला; मासूम सा कबूतर, नाचा तो मोर निकला". Gulzar in full form. Kaminey wouldn't be half the album it is with anyone else writing the lyrics. Then again, it wouldn't be half the album it is with someone else directing the movie either. While Delhi-6 the movie pulled the album down a notch, Kaminey the movie added a lot to the album. While the lyrics, the soothing composition and the soft vocals of Vishal help the song stand on its own, its use in the movie and that image of Charlie sitting in the boat contemplating his past and perhaps looking at the future with trepidation just lifts the song to another level.

Man Chandre from Connections. I can't think of another recent slow song of ARR, or anyone else for that matter, that is so instantly likeable within one minute of its beginning. The santoor (it IS santoor, I suppose) right at the beginning followed by the amazing voice of Shraddha Pandit rightaway makes you stop whatever you are doing and pay attention. Sukhwinder then hijacks most of the rest of the song, but it sounds great nevertheless. Perhaps a little more of Shraddha wouldn't have been bad. The song probably gets a bit monotonous after a while (mainly due to the repetitive lyrics) but it definitely sounds very different whenever the singer changes (Sukhwinder or Shraddha or the chorus singing the same lines actually make those parts feel SO different to each other). The monotony actually reminds me of "Javeda Zindagi" from Anwar which also had an awesome tune repeated too many times.

Nevertheless, Man Chandre is a must-listen. Specially, as a song to be played in the background when you are doing some work.

Pehli Baar Mohabbat from Kaminey. I am afraid I'll sound too repetitive if I start talking about this. The lyrics, the visuals, and the songs of Kaminey are so in-sync with each other that it is impossible to talk about any of the songs without talking about the other stuff.

"तुझे गुदगुदाना, सताना, यूं ही सोते हुए
गाल पे टीपना, मीचना, बेवजा बेसबब...
याद है... पीपल के, जिसके घने साए थे,
हमने गिलहरी के जूठे मटर खाए थे.."

wow! :)

He used the song for credits, but it worked as a great trailer of the movie, with all those cute moments between Guddu and Sweety. The video below doesn't have the full song. The audio-only version is here.

Delhi 6 from Delhi-6. I remember not liking this song when I heard it for the first time. This is one of those ARR songs that is just so "strange" when you hear it the first time that you don't see youself liking it a lot. and yet.. after a few hearings, you can't imagine what made you think so initially! And I can't imagine that now. It really is such a foot-tappingly hum-alongingly good song, isn't it? :) I remember I got that "wow! why didn't I like this before, this is actually a pretty good song" when I saw it in the trailer.

I was glad this became as popular as it did. I guess it just became the official Delhi song for some time. Perhaps one of the few odes to Delhi in our movies (was there any at all before this?).

And what a nice job Prasoon Joshi has done! "ये शहर नहीं, महफ़िल है"!

Update: Concluding part is here

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