Friday, December 25, 2009

My favorite songs of 2009 (Intro)

One good thing about not staying in India is that one doesn't get bombarded with every single song that releases, through movie trailers, music videos and nowadays FM. While this certainly means that I need to do some extra work in order to make sure that I don't miss out on any potentially good album/song by reading about things online and listening to anything that seems interesting, it fortunately saves me from a lot of Himesh songs. :P (I realized this while I was in India recently and had to listen to "Man Ka Radio" every time I was travelling in the car :( ). On the flip side, however hard I might try, I always tend to miss at least 1-2 albums/songs in the year that might be getting a lot of attention in India. 'Miss' in the sense that even though I might know about them, perhaps I just didn't find the time to listen to them when they released and then forgot about them. In 2008, Aamir was one such album that I discovered pretty late in the year.

This year, some of the albums that I probably didn't listen to enough times (or even once in some cases) to be able to judge them fairly were Kurbaan, New York, Paa, Tum Mile and perhaps 3 Idiots. That still leaves a LOT of albums and songs that I was able to hear properly to be able to make a long list of my favorite songs of the year. Over next few days I'll post my top 25 songs of the year, followed by a list of some of the songs that almost made it to the list. I tried to make an almost exhaustive list of all the songs released in 2009 that seemed worthy of being in such a list before ordering them according to my preference. The ordered list was then used to make shorter lists of albums and composers of 2009. I'll post these lists after I'm done posting the songs list. So, here we go....

Update: Part 1 is here.

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