Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nominations!! YAY!!! (and not so Yay!)

First things first, A R Rahman has, in one shot, become the indian with most Oscar nominations! :) 3 nominations! The amazing thing is that they reduced the number or nominations for 'Best Original Song' from 5 to 3 and ARR has 2 of those 3 nominations!! WOW!! 

On second thoughts, however, I don't think getting two nominations for Best Song is all that good. Certainly, I loved to see both the songs nominated, but when it comes down to the actual award it will lead to vote splitting to the advantage of WALL-E. :( The good thing is that the 2 song nominations means that, unless they change the event this year, ARR will perform two songs on awards night! I just hope he also gets the award. Having said that, I will still not be happy if he gets the song award but not the actual original score award. THAT is the bigger deal. No one really remembers the song award. 

In other good news, WALL-E is nominated for Original Screenplay and Original Score!! The academy, over last 4-5 years has been consistently acknowledging Pixar movies' great screenplays and musical scores. That is a good thing, but they should now grow up and start nominating them for Best picture award too. 

That, however, is still a dream. Considering that they couldn't even get themselves to nominate a superhero movie for the most prestigious awards, there is little chance that they will let an animated movie have those nominations. :( The Dark Knight was robbed. No best picture, no best director, no best adapted screenplay! They gave it almost every technical award nomination (along with the obvious Heath Ledger nomination). It will most likely also win in a lot of those categories, but that's no consolation. 

In other 'not so yay' news, Kate Winslet only got one nomination. They nominated her for The Reader and ignored Revolutionary Road! I thought she had a better chance of getting the award if Revolutionary Road had been nominated. I am not so sure about The Reader. She was great in both, and I'd still give it to her but I think Anne Hathaway might find it easier to pip Kate now. :( Also, this is probably very good news for Penelope Cruz and Mariso Tomei, because now that their main competition has been nominated in the leading category, their chances of getting the best supporting actress award are much better! (And yes, Taraji P. Henson got the nomination too... YAY!!)

Who will win on the big night? I think Benjamin Button has the most nominations, but it might actually become this year's Babel, winning very few award even though it got so many nominations. It might win in some of the technical awards (where The Dark Knight will give it tough competition) and it might spoil our party by getting the best original score award, but I can bet right now that it is not going to get Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor or Best Adapted Screenplay awards. Slumdog Millionaire will probably get the picture and/or director awards and it will almost certainly get the adapted screenplay award (and I won't be happy about any of those... maybe best director is OK, but definitely not picture and screenplay)

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