Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breaking the Connections

11 years ago A R Rahman came up with his first post-Roja non-film Album - Vande Mataram. It was a huge success and added to the Rahman legend that had been building up over last 4-5 years at that time. Since then he has gained more fans with each year and each new movie soundtrack. Who then would've thought that his next non-film album, coming after 11 years of Vande Mataram, would get a "release" only in name. Most people around who have been waiting for him to get some time to work on a non-film album don't even know about Connections, unless they stumbled across some vague newspaper ads about Nokia Connections. It is a real pity that someone somewhere had the brilliant idea of releasing an ARR album 'only on certain nokia mobile phones' as an advertisement for Nokia. Who cares about fans? They'll get their mp3s downloaded from some online sites anyway, right? EVEN if they would rather buy their own legal copy? 

Or, maybe they are secretly planning  to release the CD later due to 'huge demand by fans' and capture more markets. That is even more evil, specially because they have been saying at every given opportunity that this album will 'only' be available on mobiles. 

Anyway, I hope someone sees the sense and realizes that an album this wonderful deserves better distribution. A proper release with normal advertisement would've made this fly to the top of the charts rightaway. Just listen to these two songs...

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