Friday, September 15, 2006

Movie Geek heaven!

Peter Jackson's enthusiasm for his projects is contagious. I wasn't too excited when I heard that his followup to LOTR series was going to be a remake of King Kong but watching the production diaries on got me so excited that it became one of the most anticipated movies of the last year for me. And now this freewheeling interview on AIC has got me all excited about The Lovely Bones (his next directorial venture), The Dambusters (he's producing it) and the Temeraire series that he just bought the rights for. I still am not THAT keen on the Halo adaptation that he is producing but reading the interview has made me at least wait and make up my mind after having a first look at posters/trailers as and when they come up.

Read the 5-part interview if you consider yourself a movie fan (even if not a Peter Jackson fan). The fifth part hasn't been published yet. The other parts are here (1 - about the Temeraire series), here (2 - about The Lovely Bones), here (3 - about Halo), and here (4 - about The Dambusters). If nothing else, read The Dambusters section. I don't know about you, but I am already looking forward to this one (and they haven't even completed the script yet!!).

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