Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Let's be lazy....

what do you do when you intend to post something but don't have the time/inclination to post something new? well, you can either just post a link to someone else's post OR just copy paste your own post from some other place!! :)

so, here is a little summary of non-indian movies that have been released in US this year and some of the highly anticipated ones for the rest of the year... I had posted this as a comment on a related post on Naachgaana, so it doesn't have the "feel" of a blog post. But that is still better than nothing, right?
V for Vendetta, The Proposition, Inside Man, United 93, the squid and the whale and Cache were all really good! (Though the last two were probably released last year, as someone pointed out later). Cars, as a movie, was just good enough to watch but include the absolutely ridiculously beautiful animation and it probably becomes one of the must-see movies of the year so far. You have NO idea what you have missed by not watching it on the big screen. Then there were reasonably good/watchable ones like A Scanner Darkly, Thank you for smoking (really hilarious in parts) and An Inconvenient Truth.
Others that I have yet to see but have had good reports are Little Miss Sunshine (easily the clearest oscar bait for the next year, as of now), Clerks II, Road to Guatanamo, A Prairie Home Companion.

As for forthcoming movies The Departed has been one of the most anticipated movies for me for some time now, but the trailers left me just a wee bit disappointed. It seems too much of a copy of Infernal Affairs for my taste. I loved Infernal Affairs, but watching exactly the same scenes in the trailer of the Scorsese remake put me off a little bit. Jack Nicholson is AMAZING in the trailer, though! Easily the strongest point of the movie for me, as of now. And that is saying something considering that I've become sort of a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio over last few years.
And I JUST saw the trailer of Flags of our Fathers and it is ABSOLUETLY fabulous. the japanese trailer for the twin movies was superb, but this english one has made me insanely excited. And that is even though I am normally not a very war-movie kind of person.
I LOVED the sounds and visuals of the last two Zhang Yimou movies and I worship Gong Li's acting prowess, so Curse of the Golden Flower is another movie that I am eagerly waiting for.
Aronofsky's The Fountain HAS to be included in any list of the anticipated movies for 2006.
The trailer of The Last King of Scotland is great too, though it might turn out to be too reminiscent of Hotel Rwanda.
The Last Kiss is very exciting for anyone who liked Garden State (I did!). And even though the first trailer is too weird to say anything for or against it, The Science of Sleep might turn out to be another great movie from Gondry (though without Charlie Kauffman this time!)
Then there are others like Babel, Volver, A Good Year, Stranger than fiction, Apocalypto, The Children of Men, The Good Shephard, The Good German and Dreamgirls all have something or the other going for them and are interesting. Hopefully at least some of them will turn out great. Otherwise this is going to be a very disappointing year indeed.

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