Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pakistan Uncut

I know I am not supposed to have enough time to read blogs right now. But once in a while, during the inevitable breaks in work, one DOES roam around in blogosphere to see what the rest of the world is up to.

Amit Varma (of IndiaUncut fame) is currently in Pakistan, covering the cricket series. This has meant that the frequency of posts on IndiaUncut has plummeted, but fortunately whenever he does get some time to post, he makes up for it with some very interesting posts about his days in Pakistan. The posts cover his trips to food places in Lahore to political discussions with Pakistani journalists to cricket related issues to qawwali and sufi music. And almost all the posts come with pics taken by him.

So, head to IndiaUncut (allow some time for the main page to load as it is filled with a lot of pics), and read any post after January 7. Or just look at the pics and read the story next to any pic that you find interesting. Don't miss the amazing night pics of Lahore!

Highly recommended.

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