Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Movies Update - 4 (Brokeback Mountain)

Brokeback Mountain: A nice movie. But it really didn't seem as great as the hype seems to suggest. It might be because of the slightly sentimental tone (only slightly... not anything of the level of a Bhansali movie surely.. yet, its probably more than just being "sensitive".. ). I think the reason it is being given the sort of attention that it is getting has a lot to do with the fact that the protagonists happen to be of the same sex. Even though its just a love story that is striving to show two people who love each other and yet can't express it openly in front of the world because of some reason. That "some reason" is probably the main factor in the movie's relative popularity, rather than the story itself. Performances are great, though. Heath Ledger is top rate and Jake Gyllenhall is probably going to be the next generation's best actor. Michelle Williams is specially impressive as Ledger's wife. However, the movie's pace is a bit too lazy and that got to me on a couple of occasions... Quite watchable overall... 7.8/10 maybe...

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