Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Movies Update - 3 (Charulata)

Charulata: My first Satyajit Ray movie. I have probably seen Shatranj ke Khiladi but that was long ago and all I remember is just one chessboard with two people sitting on the opposite sides. So, Charulata is pretty much my first Satyajit Ray movie. Its a pretty good movie even though I can't pretend that I understood the motivation behind every scene and every piece of dialogue. But it was quite engrossing (and even entertaining in parts) and was acted out very well. I need to see some more of Ray movies to really form an opinion about his style (assuming there is something consistent about his movies that I can call "his style") and this movie has only increased my curiosity about Satyajit Ray's work. 7.75/10 IMO

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