Sunday, October 02, 2005

A short story about madness.

Smile on his face. Heart thumping in the chest. Dagger in his back
pocket. Long walk down the aisle.

"You may now kiss the bride", he heard. He kissed her. She felt his
dagger. He felt her gun.

Six men pushed them inside the room and locked it.

"Have a great married life!" chirped Mahendra.

Was tagged to write a story in less than 55 words by Ratna!! :) Thanx to BCCI, didn't have to think much!

Update: I guess its not really fair to expect everyone to know what this was about. Some of the readers don't follow indian cricket news at all. Some of them aren't even Indian! So, for all of them, this story was about this. And the title was a weak reference to this and this.

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