Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oh, the bleeding heart!

Few people write as beautifully about cricket as Harsha Bhogle does. And its not the phrases, similes and just the language in general that makes it such a good read. Its the fact that in every word you read, you can practically see his smiling face. He pours his personality in his articles. They don't have the feel of a newspaper article anymore. You can almost feel his passion for the game. Maybe its because that is how I percieve him. When I think Harsha, I think this guy who speaks with more sense about this game than most people and yet behaves as any other excitable fan would when talking to the legends of the game. Trying to learn all the time. Very humble, very respectful and VERRRY much in love with the game and with his job.

That is why it is so much painful to read his latest piece in Indian Express. For once, you don't see his smiling face when you read the words. You can see an aching heart. Harsha puts into words exactly what I am feeling right now. Read it here.

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