Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Its that time of the year...

Ok folks, summer is over. Winter is still slightly out of range. So, what makes me all excited? Its trailers like this! Forget about all the blockbusters that come from May to August and November-December, the real quality American cinema comes up mostly as movies that start slowly, releasing somewhere in october-november and picking up steam by word of mouth or great reviews till their appeal is irresistible by the time the Academy voters decide their choices for the oscars. Not to say that there haven't been movies targeted as major blockbusters that are great critical successes (LOTR) and won oscars (again.. ROTK/Titanic) but most of the nominations at least have been from these "small"/independent movies targeted specifically for oscar glory. Most of these movies' publicity campaigns are uncovered around this time of the year. The trailers of these movies are, if anything, even more important than the studio biggies because the target audience is small and quite discerning. So a not-so-good trailer can pretty much kill the movie even before it releases. Which really doesn't happen very often because the trailers ARE pretty good in almost all the cases. And that is why paying a visit to Apple trailers or your favorite trailers site around september is so exciting.

So, here comes the first such lets-target-some-oscar-nominations movie of the season that I have run into. George Clooney directs his second feature after the acclaimed Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and calls it Good Night, and Good Luck. Look at the trailer yourself and decide how good you think this one might be. I personally LOVE the black and white visuals as also whatever little the trailer has to say. Looks like a journalism movie a la All the President's Men to me. If the performances and the screenplay is anything like that movie, it will be a great movie! The trailer seems to suggest that we won't be disappointed at least as far as the performances are concernced. Have a look at it here.

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