Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google finally does what everyone has been waiting for!

Google FINALLY does what everyone has been waiting for. It disappoints. After authoring a deluge of revolutionary (or at the very least, extremely good) products, we now have Google Talk - the much awaited IM application from Google. And it looks like something one of my friends might have written in his spare time. The interface is very uncluttered which can be a very good thing (and is probably one of the main reasons why Google started becoming as popular as it now is) but it is SO uncluttered that it doesn't seem to have ANYTHING at all!! I am devastated.... :(

The only hope is that they are planning to introduce a lot of features and this is the most bare beta version. But then, what was the rush to release it? I mean, come on!!! An IM without a smiley? maybe that's what I'd have enjoyed before I got used to yahoo messenger. there was a time I actually liked the bare-bones linux talk more than all the fancy yahoo messenger stuff. But not now. Specially with the often hilarious (and sometimes absolutely brilliant) yahoo audibles, I think yahoo is ages ahead of Google Talk.. and only I know how miserable I am feeling while saying that. I guess I am feeling even worse than normal because I have been using the new international audibles from yahoo for some days now and they are a riot!!! Any person understanding hindi can't help but love them. And now I get Google Talk.... sigh!

I'm sorry Google. You probably didn't realize that you have no right to dissappoint... please come up with features at the minimum rate of one per day or I'll have to consider commiting suicide. Or bomb Googleplex. Or shifting my loyalties.... Naah! I guess I'll just stick to commiting suicide.

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