Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google: The Evil Edition

NYTimes has come up with an unintentionally hilarious article about Google. Based on misplaced envy, some silicon valley dudes throw mud on Google and lo and behold! we have the definitive evidence that Google is next Microsoft and that we need to save the world from its evil clutches! I tried to find out the reasons why it is being called evil. Here are some-

1. Sucked the best talent away from the market.
2. Caused an increase in the salary of skilled software engineers in the silicon valley.
3. Coming up with innovations too fast.
4. Diversifying into too many areas which doesn't leave others to do any work.

ammm... Is it just me or does it sound like Google's biggest problem is that it is simply too good? Most of the quotes there are analogous to "the neighboring shop is evil because it sells better goods at a better price and provides better customer service which takes away all the customers from other shops." I'm sorry but I really don't understand that line of thinking...

On a lighter note, how can a company that has a building number pi be evil! Come on people!!! :)

Link to the article via Slashdot.

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