Thursday, July 28, 2005

Amazing Rowling Interview!

Wanted to post about it last week itself, but couldn't. Mugglenet - our very own HP fansite - and The Leaky Couldron - another famous HP fansite - had been given the honor of having an exclusive interview with JKR on the day of HBP release. Mugglenet's Emerson and TLC's Melissa were personally invited by Rowling to come to UK and talk with her for about an hour. On her site, she says that she wanted to talk about the books with someone who actually knows the books inside out and not your normal journalists who are more interested in JKR herself and the HP phenomenon than the books themselves, and thats why she invited Emerson and Melissa. The interview transcript was posted on Mugglenet in three parts (as also a three-part report of Emerson's visit..) and is without doubt one of the best interviews I have EVER read. If you are a fan of the books and have already read HBP, then go directly to this, this and this link to read the three parts of the interview. You'll enjoy it completely, take my word for it.

JKR's website and her conduct and interviews related to HBP's release have really impressed me. She comes across as a very down-to-earth woman who has not let all the success change her at all. I know most celebrities like to give that impression, but there is either something very genuine about Rowling or she is just incredibly efficient at keeping that facade. I am a fan of HP books, but, increasingly, I am becoming a fan of Rowling more than her books and characters.

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