Monday, July 18, 2005


Have been going over the whole story in my mind for some time now, and the aftertaste is absolutely great I must say! I have already started to think that the ending is a most brilliant one! At par with Prisoner of Azkaban if not even better. There are so many questions that suddenly pop up at the end that more than a twist that solves a lot of problems, this is a twist that sets up the last book as well as anyone could've hoped for. I know the last book will probably end up disappointing me simply because the expectations are now too high. I can't imagine the sort of pressure JKR will be under while writing that one. I bet she'll probably just sit on the draft for a long time after finishing it simply because it will be too difficult to convince herself that this is the best way to end the series.

Can't wait for 2007 (or, more likely 2008)

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