Thursday, April 21, 2005

Still in the movie-making universe....

  1. You already know that I didn't quite love the book, but the movie version of The Da Vinci Code is getting more and more exciting as the cast(and crew) is being decided. Ron Howard directs Tom Hanks (as Robert Langdon), Audrey Tautou(as Sophie Neveu), Ian McKellen(as Leigh Teabing), Alfred Molina(as Bishop Aringarosa), and Jean Reno (as Bezu Fache). I can't think of any better casting news in recent times.
  2. Richard Linklater, the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset director visited the film school at UT, Austin and interacted with an undergrad class there. One of the students contributed a brief summary on AICN. In particular, I liked one of his comments about movies and dreams and why making a movie on dreams seemed natural to him. He said,"I think the reason that cinema is successful, and the reason that cinema has been successful is that we’ve been seeing films for 100,000 years while we sleep." A nice way to look at movies, no? And, a nice way to look at dreams too!! :)
  3. Indiafm has this story about Vishal "Maqbool" Bhardwaj planning his next movie - Mr. Singh and Mrs. Mehta, and having talks with Aamir and Rani about the leads. Well, that sounds verrrrry interesting, doesn't it?
  4. Indiafm also has the first teaser trailer of SRK-Amol Palekar's Paheli. Can't say much by just the little teaser, but at least the photography seems to be top-class and the music can't be too bad given that M M Kreem and Gulzar are working on the songs. Shah Rukh looks ridiculous with that moustache however!! Its one thing to follow Aamir to period movies, Oscar entries and Ashutosh Gowarikar's doors, quite another to try and beat him in the most ridiculous facial hair distribution race. :P

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