Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Slashdot fun for the day.

A discussion about the ISRO-NASA story is going on at slashdot. And this person came up with this....

...received from my Crystal Ball(TM):

"New Delhi, we have a problem."
"Thank you for calling Mission Control. May I be having your name, address, and current software version please?"
"The software has locked us out. We need you to make a course correction in exactly 20 seconds!"
"Certainly sir. If I could just be having your license number please."
"License number?! Just fire thrusters 2 and 3 for 4.5 seconds on my mark!"
"You're Mark? Thank you for giving me your name, but I am needing your license code too please."
"Our license number is going to be 3-D-E-A-D-G-U-Y-S if you don't fire the thrusters in--5 seconds!"
"If this is an emergency request, please be giving me your express service code."
"Express... Hey Buzz, crack the main hatch open for 5 seconds on my mark... NOW! We'll have to hope this works."
"I'm sorry sir, but it appears you have voided your warranty. Please be having a nice day."[click]

I know, I know.. As an Indian I should probably be offended by this... but it IS quite funny!! :P

Also, I LOLed at reading this person's signature -
Contrary to popular belief, ad hominem is not Latin for "that's mean!"

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