Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ped, Papeeta, Pinku aur Prasoon

Have you heard the tongue twister song from Fanaa? I don't think I liked the music a lot - some decent songs, but nothing earth-shaking - but I like this song just because of the innovative tongue twisters written by Prasoon Joshi. Or at least I think they are written by him because I had never heard 2 out of the 3 that are part of the song (the Khadag Singh ke khadakne se.. one is quite old..)

These "new" ones are...

Chandaa chamkay cham cham, cheekhay chaukannaa chor
Cheentee chaatay cheenee chatoree cheeneekhor


Pakay ped par pakaa papeetaa, pakaa ped yaa pakaa papeetaa,
pakay ped ko pakday Pinkoo, Pinkoo pakday pakaa papeetaa.

I specially like the Chanda chamkay one.. the "chatoree cheeneekhor" part cracked me up! :)

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