Thursday, January 19, 2006

As for other things....

The new year was celebrated in the company of the lady in the robe (and out of the shackles). The other lady, who has been cropped out of the pic, also mattered a little but I couldn't post her pic here because:

A) She'd have made me look fat. The lady in the pic has a girth about 20 times my own, so she's fine...

B) I am partial towards blue, and she was wearing black!

C) Contacting her at 3 am to ask for her permission isn't all that easy. People do sleep sometimes. Mostly. Unless they are called Rahul Tyagi. In which case they sleep more than they should, but rarely at 3 am....... Something tells me that I am at liberty to use the lady-in-the-robe's pic on the blog without asking her permission though. In fact, now that I think about it, something tells me that I am at Liberty, period.

Have a good look at my coiffure! At the rate I am losing my hair, there's a good chance that this might be my last pic with any coiffure at all. You know, the "before" part of one of those before/after advertisements for a PhD degree!! Posted by Picasa

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