Thursday, January 19, 2006

Aakash on Veeru

I have read some of the columns that former indian opener Aakash Chopra used to write when he was playing in England last year. The columns were initially pointed out by Prem Panicker on his blog, and I must say they were some of the most interesting cricketer-written columns that I have ever read. He rarely talks about matches and scores and such things. His columns are more about the culture of the city, the team meetings etc. Anyone can write a reasonably authentic looking match report based on just a scorecard. What we don't get often are these insightful articles which tell us so much more about a cricketer's life.

His current column - again pointed out by Prem on Sightscreen - is about a more usual subject viz. a player. Aakash has been Sehwag's opening partner for both Delhi and India and so he probably knows a lot more about Veeru than many other former-cricketers-turned-sports-columnists. Its a delightful article, and not just because it is about Sehwag who happens to be such a delightful character himself.

Read the column here.

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